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What does happens during booking?

When booking, you will have to pay a deposit of 30% of the accommodation and 28 € handling fee. An invoice will be then sent by post or email on which you will be asked to pay the balance of your stay 30 days before departure. A voucher will be sent with a travel book 15 days before your arrival (after the record sales).

Be sure to print your voucher at the completion of your file.

More formalities at your arrival:

  • The tourist tax is written in your file, you have to pay it with your final payment.
  • Deposit has to be established before your arrival either by separated cheque (not cash) with your final payment or with your debit card prints when you pay by debit card.
  • All the additional services (laundry, cleaning… has to be reserved and paid before your arrival). 

How to find my reservation on the website?

You already have a customer account:

  • Be connected on the “Customer Area “(at the top right of the webpage)
  • Log in with your Email address and Password.
  • Click on the green button “MY RESERVATIONS”
  • Click on the link “Find my reservation”.
  • Add your “File number” and “Date of arrival day”.
  • If the information is correct, the customer is guided to the page “MY RESERVATIONS” and the new reservation is in the list.

You don’t have a customer account:

  • Click on “Customer Area” at the top of the webpage
  • Click on the link under the connection area “Retrouver votre reservation”.
  • Step 1: Give your “File number” and “Date of arrival day” (dd/mm/yyyy). If the information is correct, go to Step 2.
  • Step 2: Give your “email address”, a “Password” and “Password confirmation”.
  •  If all is correct, the customer is now connected to his own “Customer Area” and an account has been created on the website.

Who do I contact and for what?

For further information on accommodation (location of the residence, the presence of a raclette machine, type of floor covering ...) you can contact the agency on spot. The address indicated on your invoice or voucher and also on the site in the page field "point d'accueil"

For further information please contact Alpes For You +33 4.92.405.405

In what time slot can I contact you?

Alpes For You will respond by mail or phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Opening hours of our reception points are on your documents (invoices, voucher).

What are the references to keep in mind when I contact you?

Your file number appearing on your documents: booking form, invoice and your voucher will be more than enough.

This number consists of a series of five numbers.

Can I extend or change my booking?

Extending your stay is possible subject to availability of accommodation.

For any modification or extension, you can contact Alpes For You at the following phone number +334.92.405.405.

How can I book services?

At the time of booking simply select from the drop down menu the desired services (possibility to book several services by clicking the + green icon). Total benefits appear automatically.

Ski equipment:

The prices of offers are already at preferential rates

Can I change ski once there?

This is possible only with written approval of the store manager on site and an agreement of Alpes For You.

If I lose, break or if my ski equipment has been stolen what is going on?

We do not offer insurance of this type, however, upon delivery of the equipment in the store, you can purchase insurance theft / breakage from most suppliers.

You may at your arrival, you get information directly to the store concerned.

What happens if I want to book a cot?

You can make the request at the agency on spot (phone number on your voucher and on the website in the form field "point of reception"), subject to availability. We suggest you contact the agency as soon as possible because the Cots park available depends on each agency.

Does the Television is available in the apartments?

You can find information in the accommodation description, according to the TV rental sites is possible.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my stay?

The deposit must be paid by credit card at time of booking of accommodation (the deposit is equal to 30% of the accommodation plus fees and cancellation insurance if you chose to subscribe).

The remaining can be paid by vacation checks, credit card, check, bank transfer and money order.

The tourist tax is payable locally in cash or check.

The payment is secured?

Yes, our regulations passed by the service class Paybox, you can visit their site at the following address:

What should I be paid on site?

  • The tourist tax (amount determined by each municipality in France) is a matter to the agency on site.
  • A deposit is also required by the agency and will be returned within 3 weeks if you do not receive your check back after this period you can contact the agency on spot (contact information on your documents location)

Can I go on holiday with my pet?

Yes, some housing offers the opportunity to stay with your pet (as specified in the description of the apartment) in which case it will specify when booking and you pay a fee of 21 € animals.

What if I lose my documents?

Just contact of Alpes For You by calling or e-mail us at or, at the following phone number +334.92.405.405 , and we'll take care of you resend your documents by mail or by post as soon as possible.

You can also download all documents in your Customer Area on our Website. See the question “How to find my reservation on the website?” at the top of this page.

What are the documents I receive by mail?

You will receive documents by post if you don’t have an email address:

  • a bill after the payment of the deposit made.
  • A voucher (or vouchers)
  • A travel journal

Can I take out comprehensive insurance cancellation?

Yes, it is offered at the time of booking for an amount of 2.5% (minimum € 5) calculated on the price of lodging. see conditions insurance 

You have to complaint or inform us about problem during your stay : contact us on

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